U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) has introduced legislation (The Personal Care Products Safety Act S.1014 ). It is not out of committee but is actively seeking co-sponsors. Tell your Representative how this bill would affect you. Here is a suggested format for you to use:

This template is designed as an example of a way to connect with your Member of Congress and Senators to educate them on the importance of your work and getting any changes to cosmetics regulations right so that it does not negatively impact the handcrafted industry.  For information on how to contact your Member of Congress and Senators, you can use the tool on the COHE website (below) to obtain the appropriate contact information.  Letters should be mailed to the DC office.  Alternatively, most members allow constituents to submit comments via their website, though they typically limit the amount of information you can provide.


The best way to connect with Members of Congress and Senators is to tell your story and the impacts of policy on you in a personal and tangible way.  So while you can cut and paste the below, making it your own will increase the impact and power of the communication.


Also, we’re here to help – let us know how we can.


Dear Senator/Representative [x]:


1. Introduce Yourself


Name, location, name of business, how many employees (even if it is just you), when your business started & etc.  The goal is to demonstrate your connection to the community, that you have a business operation that is important, and the fact that you are a constituent of the person you are engaging.


2. What is the subject of your correspondence


I’m writing because a bill, The Personal Care Products Safety Act, has been introduced in the Senate.  The bill is an attempt to comprehensively change the way cosmetics are regulated in the U.S.


While we represent just a small percentage of the overall cosmetics market, the handcrafted cosmetics industry is comprised of hundreds of thousands in every community across America and supports and employs many thousands of others in support of our businesses. 


This group of mostly women-owned, small businesses is giving consumers real choice by making safe soap and beauty products, utilizing food grade ingredients available from the grocery store. Any new regulatory regime contemplated for the cosmetics industry should recognize the unique role and needs of the handcrafted industry, as well as the choice the industry provides for consumers.  


3. What you want


While the proposed legislation makes attempts to accommodate the needs of small business, I believe it must go further to take into account the thriving small business sector in the handcrafted industry.  In particular, the exemption level for small business should be raised so that this bill does not stifle the growth of small businesses.  Additionally, we need to ensure that reporting requirements for those small businesses that do qualify are simple and easy to comply with.


4. Thank you and contact information


Thank the Member of Congress or Senator for the work they do on behalf of the state and/or district/community and any attention they can give to this issue. 


Some offices may want to reach out to you.  If you are comfortable doing so, including your contact information will allow them to do this.